Frog pose - Magdalena explains how it's done

There are a lot of different poses and positions in newborn photography world but there is one that seems to be the cutest for many parents…the frog pose.

lt is a very skilled pose, with some loving it, and some hating it. But whatever your opinion of it, there is one thing that is important to remember. Baby can not hold that pose on his own. Great care must be taken to ensure no baby is harmed or upset when doing it. Let me explain why!

A newborn baby’s head is a third of its entire weight. Baby has no control of its neck muscles, which means that if you allow a baby’s head to flop too sharply in any direction you COULD cause great harm to them.

The final image is always a composition, it must be a composition ALWAYS!

Here, I will show you how do l get the images without ever letting baby being not supported. Firstly l need to know how to composite two images together in a Photoshop. Secondly I need an assistant (it can be a parent) who will hold the baby head for me.

Some photographers feel confident enough to hold the baby while taking a pictures themselves and it is also fine as the baby is supported all times but I prefer to have an assistant for it as it allows me to get a few images from different angles.

Not every baby will do the frog pose. They are all different, and a huge part of what l do involves getting to know them a little bit and then decide are they going to be happy doing this pose.

Once l think a baby will do it, l ask the parents if they’d like me to try. lf l try and baby doesn’t want to do it, l don’t push it. Thats totally ok, and sometimes l try and then don’t get the pose, even though l thought baby would.

Baby remained totally relaxed and asleep while I am doing this pose.

If you love the frog pose as much as me and would like your photographer to do it for your baby, please always ask them if they do it as a COMPOSITE.

The SAFETY of your baby is always first!


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