The diary of a Newborn photographer is very flexible !


Nobody told your baby that they are expected to turn up for their portrait session and while some can't wait to get here, some are fashionably late. This makes Magdalena's diary a wonderfully fluid space.


Newborns are best to photograph before they reach 14 days of age. After that they are no more that super cuddlly and sleepy. We recommend to schedule the date of  your session, before baby reach one week to get the best results!

Session will take place in Magdalena's home studio, based in Greenford, West London.

All the props and accessories will be ready for you so you don't need to worry about anything!

We will ask you to keep your baby awake up to 1 hr before the session if possible. Before the session start there will be time to feed and change your baby. Your newborn portrait session can take up to 4 hours and the reason for this is your newborn will need feeding, cuddles and cleaning troughout the session which is baby led rather than photographer led.

Studio will be heated to a warmer than normal temperature, so be sure to wear something light and comfortable and be prepared to sweat a little.


If you plan on having some family and siblings images done, we'll do those first and then the older kids will be able to leave with Grandma, Dad or whoever can watch them. Neutral, earthy tones are best for clothing  and jeans with solid shirts are prefered. One of the most beautiful portraits are the "skin to skin" ones and Magdalena always encourage parents to take this kind of pictures during the session.


If you can bring a pacifier for your baby, even if only for the session, this will make the work much easier. Baby's often love to suck and it helps soothe them into the poses we are looking for and getting them to sleep. If your baby won't take a pacifier or you do not feel comfortable offering one, don't worry. Magdalena can work with whatever is good for you and your family. She will also has a special baby shusher which is made to help soothe your baby when they have been well-fed, burped and have a clean diaper, but are still in a crying spell.

Your proof and unedited gallery to choose from will be ready to view within a few days after the session. You then will be able to select your favourite images  and decide on wall art if needed.

Once you choose the images, they will be professionally edited in Magdalena's unique style and delivered to you within up to 4 weeks.

You then will be asked to collect your prints and wall art in person, this is due to the delicate nature of a product and possibility of loss or damage while sent by post.

The best time to book your Newborn Session is while you are still pregnant. It's the best to secure your spot early as she does book up quickly and only take a limited amount of session's per month to allow with flexibility with early/late births.

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