Choosing professional photographer is a life time investment! 

You are hiring someone who will safely capture the most precious moments of your life and beautifully preserve them for you to cherish forever.

By paying for a photography session you are paying for a long process that photographer goes through, to give you the best possible experience. Picture is a final product of this process.


- photographers's talent, skills, years of learning and experience

- cost of doing business ( studio, equipment, photography associations memberships, editing software etc.)

- insurance ( Magdalena is professionally insured, you and your baby are always safe with her!)

- on-line or phone consultation before the session

- session planning and styling 

- studio preparation

- usage of carefully selected, vintage and almost always - hand made, unique props and accessories 

- 2 to 4 hrs session

- studio & props disinfection after the session

- proof gallery creating

- editing time

- Magdalena's signature, unique, editing style

- prints & wall art ordering, receiving and verifying

- prints & products included in your chosen package

- wall art designing 

- prints & wall art packing 

- collection arranging 

Magdalena's goal is to create an artistic images, reflecting these joyful, fleeting moments along with every adorable detail. She wants your images to be the greatest heirloom that will warm hearts for generations. Magdalena's prices start at £350 with most people spending an average of £800.


By booking  photography session with Magdalena, you are choosing professionalism, experience, beautiful preserved memories, timeless style and the most important SAFETY!


Let's create your future memories together!


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