What a great fun we had while celebrating Krystian's First Birthday Session!

Krystian is such a lovely baby and it was a pleasure to capture those sweet memories for him and his family.

We started with an elegant portrait pictures.

Krystian looked so handsome in his beautiful outfit prepared by his parents however the hat manged to stay on his head just for a few seconds, before he throw it away :) I was so lucky tho capture that quickly but you can already see, that it was just a moment before the hat went down ha ha!

We changed the outfits few times during the session and I really loved the jeans dungaree his parents brought for him, he looks so cute, boys in dungarees are definitely my favourite!

Then, there was time for a real celebration! I love the moment when I'm entering the studio with a beautiful and delicious cake, this is always a WOW moment and I'm always thinking " oh yes, look at it quickly because it will be properly smashed in a moment" :)

At the end of our session there is always a bath time, this is children most favourite part of the session, they always have lots of fun while splashing the water in the little bath tub full of warm water.

It was a fantastic cake smash session, we managed to create such a beautiful memories to cherish forever and I already can't wait to meet Krystian and his lovely parents again!