What it actually is and why you need to choose your photographer carefully ...

Fine Art Photography is an artistic photography created in line with the vision of the photographer as an artist. The idea behind the genre, is to capture the subject in a different perspective than it is normally viewed on a day to day basis.

Fine Art Photography is the same art as painting or sculpture or any other form of art.

When you look at the painting you see a different creative techniques, like a long brushstrokes, saturated colours or surrealistic shapes, characteristic for specific artist.

It is the same with fine art photographers. We are not only taking pictures, each of us got it's own vision, we are creating a work of art, using light, shadows, colours, texture, composition and editing techniques that we have been polishing for years to develop our own unique style.

In most cases, our pictures are aim to look like a painting. We create a piece of art that will be proudly hanged on your wall, but not only the Facebook wall ;) The wall in your home, in your bedroom, dining room, a place that you are passing by every day and it's reminding you how beautiful you, your baby or family are.

Why am I writing this blog? I want the clients to understand better, what they are looking for and how important is to choose the right photographer, that is not only recommended by family or friends, or just simply trendy right now, but is also a photographer who fits your own vision of how the pictures should look like.

I have a perfect example for you.

When we go to the Italian restaurant, we don't ask the chef to prepare a Chinese noodles for us, do we? Someone might ask:

" Why? Noodles is noodles"

Well actually no, every chef is trained to prepare their own dishes, spent years to create their own recipes, spaghetti will never taste like a Chinese chow main, so when you chose your photographer, do it carefully, have a look at the portfolio, see their editing techniques, check the website, think about what you want and choose the right one for you.

So how to choose the right photographer?

1. First of all, what is the subject that you want to photograph, most photographers specialize in certain types of photography.

2. Check the websites and look at their portfolio. Think about what style you prefer, do you prefer more natural, life style pictures or more stylish, fine art, high end looking photographs.

3. Check their experience, how long they doing photography, what are their achievements in the industry, are they professionally insured?

4. Ask for prices, remember about value for money.

5. Call them, talk to them, tell your expectations, see do you like their personalities, it's important to choose someone you have positive vibes with from the beginning.

6. Check the location.


8. Enjoy your session and create a beautiful memories <3

There are photographers for everyone, you just need to find the right one for you!


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